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The future of sustainable marine foam.


What is Microlen Buoyancy Foam?

Microlen marine buoyancy foam is a specially formulated, closed cell chemically cross linkedfoam with excellent physical properties providing good thermal insulation, weatherability, low water absorption and inertness to most chemicals.

Ultralon® marine buoancy foam is compliant to the International Maritime Organisation – IMOResolution MSC.81 (70) test requirements. It is deemed to satisfy as LDFM Type A Foam which set out in Australian Transport Council National Standard for commerical vessels – NSCV part C – section 6 – subsection 6B, Annex F.

Features & Benefits

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Over 10 times lighter than traditiona l products

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High impact resistance

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Resistant to fuels and solvents

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Can be laminated up to 500mm thick

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Internal buoancy foam for vessels

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Less than 0.001 g/cm³ water absorption

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Cost effective

Outstanding Performance

Typical test result – the data contained herein are typical laboratory results and does not constitute a product specification.

Property Result Test Standard
Density 30 kg/m³ ASTM D3575
Shore Hardness 29 ASTM D3575
Tensile Strength 273 kpa ASTM D412
Elongation 166 % ASTM D413
Tear Strength 1.6 KN/m ASTM D624
Water Absorption < 0.2Kg/m² ASTM D3575
Thermal Conductivity 0.040 W/mc ASTM C518
Compression Set
22 hours at 23°C + 24 hours recovery 25% deflection
4.5 % ASTM D3575
Working Temperature Range – 80°C to + 90°C ISO 2796
Dimensional Stability 1.4 % ASTM D3575 (suffix S)

Our Range of Microlene Foam

A range of sizes are available subject to batch order quantities. Please contact us if you have specific requirements that need to be met.

Item Code Sizes Description
MBF025WH 2400mm x 1200mm x 25mm MBF 25mm White
MBF050WH 2400mm x 1200mm x 50mm MBF 50mm White
MBF100WH 2400mm x 1200mm x 100mm MBF 100mm White
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