How We Work

At U-PERFORM® Performance Foams we can design, develop and deliver just about anything you need in composite soft materials.

We work together with our customers to find new solutions to their problems, testing new combinations of materials and techniques for a custom-made solution. This is how we earned our reputation for developing new soft material components that outperform anything else available.

Our design team consists of materials, mechanical and design engineers with a diverse range of skills. They apply their expertise across polymer science, mechatronics, mechanical and production engineering, product development and project management.

Working this way has meant that we have also developed a highly sophisticated quality management system meaning you can be sure of the highest standards at all times.

We also pride ourselves on creating solutions that are efficient to manufacture, easy and environmentally safe to install and simple and economic to use.

Telarc Logo

U-PERFORM® Performance Foams are ISO 9001 Certified Registered with Telarc.

Quick idea generation, fast prototyping and iterative testing speeds up product development and time to market, delivering a better product to our customers faster.

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